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a social media network created to unite women through fashion.

The creation of Girls United is an extension of a quest to inspire others through my own story, "They Made Me Do It", now available through Amazon or as a perk for contributing to Elle's Indiegogo Project.

This is the abridged version of 'They Made Me Do It'. The unabridged version will be available in 2013.

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They made me do it

Elle Benét is a supermom. Well, at least this is the mindset she embraces each morning. Having to raise a son and daughter on her own while holding down a full-time job, life is a juggling act. Despite the onslaught of duties, this single mother still dedicates time to pursue her other passion in life. �While I love being a mother I also find pleasure in inspiring other people,� says Benét �It�s part of my supermom misson�.

This mission is what brought her to terms with releasing her book, �THEY MADE ME DO IT: A Cult Survivor�s Memoir of Life After the Cult�, which chronicles her youth as a girl growing up in a religious cult that suppressed her freedom to express herself and even dictated what she could wear.

She broke free from those bonds and has become an advocate for women in her adult years. Now, in addition to raising two children as a single mom, working a 9-to-5, and writing a book, BenΓ©t is also founder of
Girls United, a social platform dedicated to empowering and uniting women by promoting something they all have in common: a flair for fashion.

Women who can�t wait to show off their newest little black dress or pair of Manolo Blahniks will find a wider audience to share their fashion sense with when they become members of Girls United.


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